Mooring Service

Triad Boatworks is authorized by the Harbor Masters to conduct mooring inspections, which are required to be done every three years. We offer this service as part of our professional mooring services in the local area, including Dartmouth and Mattapoisett. Our mooring services are full service, including the installations, removals, annual maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning.

Our mooring services are available from spring until late fall, when the snow begins to fly. At the start of the season, we install the mooring balls. At the end of the season, we remove the mooring balls and install winter sticks. Our team brings them back to the shop where we maintain them with any repairs that they might need. This helps us to be ready to install them again in the spring the moment that the weather turns for the good.

This two part service, which includes off-season maintenance and repairs, is just one of the many ways that Triad Boatworks helps our clients to get the most out of each boating season. For more information about our mooring services, please contact us direct by calling our Mattapoisett, Massachusetts boatyard at 508-758-4224. We can work with you to find the best solution for your vessel and your budget.


In addition to providing mooring services to our clients, we also offer a range of mooring maintenance repairs. Triad Boatworks installs, inspects and repairs moorings in the coastal and harbor areas of Dartmouth and Mattapoisett. We install the mooring balls in the spring and remove them again in the fall with our two-part service.

Part of our service is to bring the mooring balls back to our shop and maintain them with any repairs that they need. We are authorized by the Harbor Masters to conduct inspections, which must be done every three years. To find out more about our mooring services, please visit the Mooring section of our website or call us with any questions.

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