How to Pick the Best Boat Yard in Southeastern Massachusetts

If you are like most boat owners, your boat is your baby. You wouldn’t just leave your baby with any old babysitter, you would take the time to do some research, get some references and find the best quality service, not just the cheapest price. When it comes to trusting your baby with a boat yard for South Coast outdoor and indoor boat storage during the off-season, it pays to be picky.

Once you find the best solution for all of your marine repairs and restorations, as well as a yard that provides full service hauling and storing in Mattapoisett, you will know it. Choosing the best boat yard relies on identifying key areas of importance that will help you make an informed decision. Learning more about the people who run the yard and the specialized tradesmen who do the work, will help you to feel even more confident about your choice.

Visit the Yard
One thing that can really help you to make your decision is to visit the yard. In most cases you will be able to walk around or take a tour with someone who works there to learn more about the services they provide and see the place where your boat will be stored. Space is at a premium in this part of New England, so make sure to ask about South Coast outdoor and indoor boat storage so you will know more about your options.

Ask About Services
It is important to know what type of services are offered at the yard. Do they allow DIY repairs to be made on-site or just work done by their crew? Do they do fiberglass and machine shop work or just basic repairs? If you want to maximize your boating season, it is important to find a yard that will provide you with full service hauling and storing in Mattapoisett or Dartmouth areas so you can get the work that is needed taken care of during the off-season and be ready to hit the water the minute the weather turns fair.

Find Out About Equipment
The type of equipment that the yard uses and has available can also be a deal maker or a deal breaker. If you are counting on the yard to do intensive marine repairs and restorations on your vessel, make sure they are properly equipped to get the job done right. From painting and varnishing to electronics and mechanical – there’s a right way and a long way to do this type of work and the yard will need the proper equipment to do a professional quality job.

Check Out the Staff
The people who own and operate the yard are really the heart of the business. Make sure that the owners and skilled tradesmen who work there have the knowledge and experience to take care of your vessel. It is more than just South Coast outdoor and indoor storage, when you store your boat for the winter you need to know that it will be properly moved, stored and maintained so it will be ready to launch on the first day of boating season. Ask about experience, the amount of time that employees have been working there and any special training or skills that would benefit you and your boat.

Safety and Security
You will also want to find out how your boat will be transported and moved, as well as how it will be safeguarded and secured during the off-season. Professional crane or lift operators and experienced workers are a good sign that your vessel will be well taken care of while in storage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If the yard provides good service, has satisfied clients and a solid reputation in the local marine community, they won’t mind answering a few questions – or giving you references.

Ask Around Town
Which brings us to the next area of interest – getting actual referrals from current or past clients. Take time to ask other boat owners what they think about the facility of the service provided. There’s a reason why some places fill up faster than others. The quality of the service that you received as well as the craftsmanship and skill of the tradesmen who take care of the restoration, electronic upgrades, fiberglass and machine shop work, are all factors that should be considered depending on your unique needs and interests. A one-stop shop type yard that offers multiple services can often be your best bet.

Specialty Services
Can the yard take care of your special needs? Do you have a specific type of yacht or boat that requires special attention? One example would be wooden boats. If you have an older boat, it can be scary every time the boat has to be hauled out of the water and transported to the yard. A crane operator or driver who is not experienced working around wooden boats might not understand the specific nuances associated with this type of boat and damage could occur. Extra care, patience and experience is required to deal with older wooden boats, so it pays to work with a yard that can fit the bill.

Triad Boatworks is a full service yard located in Southeastern Massachusetts. We provide a variety of marine repairs and restorations in addition to the basic services provided for de-comissioning and recommissioning in our South Coast outdoor and indoor boat storage. We offer full service hauling and storing in Mattapoisett and Dartmouth, providing a wide variety of professional, award-winning services, including painting and varnishing, electronics and engine work, fiberglass and machine shop work and much more. To find out about our services and facility, please give us a call at 508-758-4224 to visit our location on Park Street in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.