Triad Boatworks offers complete mooring service in the Mattapoisett and Dartmouth areas.

Our custom built barge is on the water from early Spring until late December. We also work all year round at the yard, to ensure all your mooring tackle is well maintained and kept to Triad’s high standards.

We offer a three stage detailed maintenance program so you never have to worry about mooring or what’s holding your boat.


Winter Mooring Maintenance

At the end of your boating season we will head out to your mooring and decommission it for the winter months. We will remove your mooring ball and / or pennant, and install your winter Sully stick. The Sully stick is a long tapered buoy that replaces your mooring ball, The shape of the Sully stick helps it escape ice entrapment better than a round buoy and can extend the useful life of a mooring buoy by protecting it from the damaging effects of freezing temperatures. We then will take you ball and pennant back to our shop, powerwash, clean and store inside until Spring. During the winter months we will inspect what we have here and notify you if anything needs repair.

Spring Mooring Maintenance

Your mooring ball will be repainted and renumbered. When the weather breaks our crew will commission your mooring. We will remove your Sully stick and take your freshly painted mooring ball and pennant and secure it on your mooring. Your Sully stick is brought back to our shop, powerwashed, inspected and stored inside for the summer.



Every three years your mooring is required to have an inspection. Triad takes pride in our inspections to insure your mooring is up to town specifications and secure for your type of boat. Our service includes hauling your entire mooring weight and tackle onto our barge. Wash and inspect, eye, chain and all shackles. Measure and photograph the tackle. While we have your mooring on the barge we will repair whatever is needed and set it back on station.

The Triad mooring division works very closely with all harbormasters to insure your mooring meets or exceeds the town requirements. We have been authorized as a certified mooring inspectors.

Some of our additional work includes the maintaining and installation of all Town of Mattapoisett moorings and docks, so rest assured your personal mooring will be kept to these high standards as well.

Triad strives to use all US made materials in our mooring applications.

New Mooring Builds

In addition to providing maintenance service and repairs to our clients, we also build new moorings. We can send an estimate for different options to meet our customers budget and needs. Our popular mooring weights are the US steel pyramids and train wheels. Both are designed for quick setting, and are ideal to work in fresh and saltwater applications. They both have a heavy duty eye that fits regular anchor shackles and chain, and a unique design with less chance of chain wrap-up. Give us a call today for your complete mooring setup!