Triad Boatworks provides a full spectrum of repairs and marine services to our clients. We have earned a reputation within the local marine industry in Southeastern Massachusetts for providing top notch, reliable repairs and services. We work with each of our clients from start to finish to ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations. With a whole team of carpenters, machinists, electricians, electronics experts, fabricators, painters and riggers, as well as other highly skilled maintenance and repair specialists, we are able to tackle both small and large repairs in a professional and expedient manner.

Mechanical / Engine Repairs / Outboards

Our highly skilled and experienced team of mechanics are able to provide our clients with many engine repairs and mechanical services. We repair, maintain and install all makes and models of outboard motors, inboard motors and inboard outboards. We also offer winterizing and decommissioning as well as spring commissioning services for all boat systems, and utilize computerized engine diagnostics for swift and accurate repairs.

Other mechanical engine repairs include services for water pumps, thermostats and systems repair for steering, bilge pumps, plumbing and just about any other type of mechanical repairs you might need. Our maintenance and repair services can be performed in the off-season to make sure that your vessel is ready for launch in the spring or we can do emergency services during the season to help get you back out onto the water.

Electronics / Electrical

Triad Boatworks has a team of electronics and electrical experts on staff that can help us to provide these important services, repairs and maintenance for our clients. Installations and repairs of marine AM/FM radios and stereo systems, GPS systems, fish finders, navigational instruments, satellite TV and LED lighting are some common requests from our clients.

AC/DC panels and wiring, batteries, solar charging systems, electronic charts, corrosion control systems, inverters and chargers, electronic drive conversions, auto pilots and many other electronic or electrical type installations, repairs and maintenance are available as well. To find out more about our services or to get a quote, contact Triad Boatworks direct.


Another important service that we are proud to provide at Triad Boatworks is rigging repair and maintenance. Tiny cracks in equipment can occur from normal wear and tear. It is important to get a proper inspection and do maintenance on your rigging every year to avoid a failure that could cost you to miss part of the season.

We carry a wide range of rope and fittings to meet the needs of our clients. To find out more about the brands that we carry or the extent of the rigging services that we provide, please contact Triad Boatworks direct and speak with one of our experienced riggers. We can help you find the best solutions for your unique needs and situation.

Painting / Varnishing / Carpentry

Whether you need a touch up following a repair or a complete restoration of your vessel, Triad Boatworks can provide you with high quality results. Our team has many years of experience working with painting and varnishing wood, fiberglass and aluminum vessels, giving us an edge over our competition.

We make sure that your boat is properly protected to prevent damage while out on the water or in storage. Sealing, painting and varnishing are just some of the services we are able to provide to our clients year-round. We do all of our own carpentry, painting, varnishing and related repairs in-house to ensure the best quality control possible for each and every client.


The best time to get work done on your boat or yacht is during the off-season. With such a limited window available to boaters in the New England area, it is important to make every single day count. You don’t want to lose any time by having your vessel in the shop when you could be out on the water.

Ask about our winterizing and commissioning services, as well as off-season tune-ups, repairs and other scheduled maintenance. We will take care of your services during the winter months so you will be good to launch in the spring.

To learn more about the wide range of repair services and maintenance that we are able to do at Triad Boatworks, give us a call at 508-758-4224 to reach us at our marine service yard in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.